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I need poiiiints :dummy: And I'll don't forget the people who give me some points, I promise ~

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Montage belongs to :iconsorahanatsusan:
Sora's drawing (on the left) belongs to :icondeanou:
Narcisse's drawing (in the photo) belongs to :iconlarrya-oryelis:
Photo's render belongs to Sacha-Chan (on Renders Graphics)

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♥ My name is Sora, I'm 1* years old and I love drawing and writing. I'm in love and nothing can change this.
I found it here → :iconknuxfan4ever:

1. Name : Sora (yup)
2. Nickname(s) : Sow, Soso(w)
3. Gender: Female

4. When do you feel best (morning, afternoon, night) ? In morning, always !
5. Are you talkative? : A little, it depends...
6. Tend to find fault with others : Not really.
7. Does a thorough job : :'D
8. Is depressed : Perhaps, this beginning of the week, I was...
9. Is relaxed and handles stress well : I can hide stress but I'm not ok with it t.t
10. Is curious about lots of different things : Yeah, it depends too...
11. Is full of energy : It depends of me, and not of my time to sleep, if I have eat or others things...
12. Starts fights with others : With words, sure C':
13. Worries a lot : It depends for what and for who.
14. Is lazy : Oh yeah, yeah and re-yeah...

15. Cold or Hot? Cold :'/
16. Light or Dark? Daaaaark o/
17: Sweet or Salty? I prefer a little salty
18. Coke or Lemonade? I HATE gaseous drinks ~~
19. Candy or Popcorn? Candy and not hesitate for choose !
20. Loud or Quiet? It depends with who :'D
21. Fast or Slow? I'm fast in everything, for speaking, making something...
22. Soft or Hard? The question is not very clear vut I think soft o/
23. Easy or Difficult? Easy, don't fuck wit me xD
24. Shiny or Sparkly? I prefer shiny because it makes me think about Pokemon :o
25. Vampires or Werewolves? I don't enjoy both :/
26. Puppies or Kittens: PUPPIIIIES :dummy:
27: Rain or Shine? I love rain for seeing girls screaming "my haiiiiir wiiiill buckle"
28: Country or City? I think I'll lose my patience to live in city everyday.
29: France or Fiji? France !
30. Hamburger or Hot dog? Hambergur sure.
31. Palm tree or Weeping Willow? A palm tree °°
32. Dancing or Painting? I don't know how to dance... But I don't love paint too :'D
33. Story writing or Reporters Writing? Story **
34. TV or Computer? Computer forever, he can makes the TV.
35. Face book or MySpace? Nothing. (twitter lol)
36. Windows or Mac? Linux ? /door/ Windows !
37. Paint (program) or Photoshop? Photoshop u.u
38. Bases or Normal Computer Drawing? I need my pen :'C
39. Computer Drawing or Freehand? Freehand °°
40. Colour or Black and White? I love both
41. La la la la or Meow :3 ? La la la la ← he makes me laugh
42.  Anime or Manga? I enjoy them <3

42. Have a Diary? I will.
43. Have a stuffed toy? Yes :'V
44. Used to have one? ...
45. What was / is it? A rabbit °°
46. Have a pet? I want a dooooog so muuuch
47. What is/are they/it ? /
48. Have an instrument? A piano
49. Do you have a piggy bank (any shape) ? Yes, many, but I don't use them :'D
50. Do you own more than 5 computer games? Yes :squee:
51. Do you know who Zelda is? ... ¬¬
52. Do you have an ipod or mp3 or CD player? I have but my phone does it well
53. Do you have a gaming console? A megadrive, a 3DS and a wii, maybe the ps3
54. Do you have a bookcase? Yeah, one for mangas, one for others books
55. Do you own a novelty item, e.g. hannah montana gum boots, spongebob umbrella? No Oo

56. Can you knit? Sure no XD
57. Can you crochet? Nope !
58. Can you sew? Noooope
59. Can you do the can can? WTF ?
60. Can you play more than one instrument (including vocal training)? Nope, it's ever hard with my piano XD
61. Can you whistle? Yeah.
62. Can you curl your tongue? Lol yes XD
63. Can you click your fingers? Of course but just one hand XD
64. Can you touch type? WHAT ?
65. Can you eat chilli? D: ...
66. Can you read books with more than 600 pages? It they are interesting, of course
67. Can you crack your knuckles? I do it when I don't want it, and it hurts t.t
68. Can you crack your neck? Yeah
69. Can you crack your toes? Yup
70. Can you crack your fingers? Yes
71. Can you do the moon walk? I can but it's not very good...
72. Can you eat snails? Oh god no !
73. Can you cook? I'm the worst woman for ever...
74. Can you sing? I can but not good too.
75. Can you dance? Not really XD
76. Can you talk in chipmunk? A little too !
77. Can you raise your eyebrows? No... Oo
78. Can you raise one eyebrow? Yes
79. Can you sing the song banana phone? Never heard it.
80. Can you eat mayonnaise straight out of the jar? ... lol.

81. Do you like pickles? Yup °°
82. Do you like pie? It depends !
83. Do you like mayonnaise? Only for cold beef :'D
84. Do you like tomato sauce? A  little :'/
85. Do you like candy floss? Not really
86. Do you like pumpkin? I never eat one ._.
87. Do you like asparagus? No t.t
88. Do you like brussel sprouts? D:
89. Do you like beans? It depends with what.
90. Do you like silver beet? If it is not far from the beet, of course.
91. Do you like carrots? Yeah <3
92. Do you like potato? YEEEES
93. Do you like kumura (sweet potato)? <3
94. Do you like tomatoes? Not really but I can't eat a little
95. Do you like apples? Yeah
96. Do you like bananas? Yup
97. Do you like pears? No :c
98. Do you like oranges? Yeah
99. Do you like mandarins? More than oranges !
100. Do you like strawberries? :dummy:
111. Do you like blueberries? Not really u.u
112. Do you like blackberries? not really too !
113. Do you like peaches? yeah
114. Do you like raspberries? not reallyyyy
115. Do you like nectarines? yes

116. Do you like music? I can't live without
117. Do you like classical music? I can listen to it.
118. Do you like rock music? OF COURSE.
119. Do you like pop music? Yup
120. Do you like rap music? No...
121. Do you like hip hop music? A little
122. Do you like techno music? Nope
123. Do you like writing? I love that so much.
124. Do you like reading? For a great book, I don't like spare my time for a bad book :c
125. Do you like art? Yeah of course !

1. Do you like dancing? Just for laugh XD
2. Do you like ipods and mp3s? yup
3. Do you like animals? it depends what :c
4. Do you like wild animals or domestic? domestic is better
5. What's your favourite genre of music? rock and metal
6. What's your favourite genre of book? fantasy and love
7. What's your favourite food? gastronomic food (yeah u.u)
8. What's your favourite candy? maybe chocolate bears
9. What's your favourite book? I don't have one ._.
10. What's your favourite animal? Dogs <3
11. What's your favourite season? Autumn ~
12. What's your favourite song? I can't choose ._.
13. What's your favourite music composer? Hans zimmer maybe
14. What's your favourite band? There so much...
15. What's your favourite subject? I don't really know...
16. What's your favourite job? I don't have one
17. What's your favourite career? ....
18. What's your favourite number? 13
19. What's your favourite day? Wenesday (and I don't know why)
20. What's your favourite time? Soeaking with boyfriend time /out
21. What's your favourite breakfast? I really enjoy going to motels JUST FOR ENORMOUS BREAKFAST with chocolate, eggs, etc...
22. What's your favourite lunch? Maybe tomatoes with mozzarella :'D
23. What's your favourite dinner? :/
24. What's your favourite place to have a date? I don't really care if the person is important, I can do everywhere.
25. What's your favourite website? DA, Sky', Twitter \o/
26. What's your favourite shape? ... Oo
27. What's your favourite colour? Black u.u
28. What's your favourite pattern? Maybe with stars ?
29. What's your favourite quote? People who understand humanity search for loneliness.
30. What's your favourite artist? I've got so muuuuch
31. What's your favourite author? I don't have one
32. What's your favourite outfit? Dresses, I'm so good into it but they don't fit me :'c
33. What's your favourite computer game? Sonic Riders maybe, the game of my youngs days
34. What's your favourite gaming console? I don't ave one too
35. What's your favourite place to be? With him ~
36. What's your favourite thing to do? Eat, write...
37. What's your favourite movie? I have so muuuuch
38. What's your favourite actor? Tom Beck
39. What's your favourite actress? ...
40. What's your favourite movie snack? Maybe the entire dinner XD
41. What's your favourite place to watch movies? In sofa, in bed, in cinema...
42. What's your favourite accessory? I really enjoy jewels °°
43. What's your favourite art material to use? My pen <3
44. What's your favourite place to work on your art? Bed or desk of class 8D
45. What's your favourite drink? Oasis tropical or the best : mint water <3
46. What's your favourite flavour? I don't have one....
47. What's your favourite eye colour? Blue <3
48. What's your favourite hair colour? It depends if it fit the person... I love blond guy but my boyfriend is better with auburn hair XD
49. How many fillings do you have?  I don't understaaand
50. How many times have you brushed your teeth today? Twiiiice
51. How many deviations do you have? I don't want to see o/
52. How many page views do you have? I dunno and it's better like that :'D
53. How many people have favourited your work? ...
54. How many favourites do you have? ...
55. How many journal entries have you done? ...
56. How many bookmarks (computer) do you have? I'm actually in a room where there are 4 old computers but normaly I just have mine and the big of family in my house.
57. How many things are on your desktop? So much that I need to clear it once a week.
58. What is your desktop picture right now? Blast (Nana <3)
59. What is your screen saver of? o/
60. What time is it? Around 9
61. What is your computers hard drive called? I don't know °°
62. What's the name of the nearest book to you? ""Les filles de Roz-Kelenn"
63. Where are you right now? In attic :'D
64. What was the last movie you watched called? Huh Tout ce qui brille
65. What have you got planned for tomorrow? Go for see Dragons 2 !
66. What are you wearing? o_o (wasn`t expecting that question) My pajamas :'D
67. How many quizzes are in your journal? So muuuuc
68. Do you like doing quizzes? Of course ;.;
69 420. Why are you doing this quiz? Because I love speak about myself (I don't have time normaly but I do it now)
70. Favourite emote goes here : :nuu:
71. Favourite plz account goes here :  ...
72. Link to your best picture : I love so muuuuch
73. First word that comes to mind? Lie (I don't know why)
74. What day is it? tuesday
75. What day is your birthday? 23
76. How many days till your birthday? 8 days and 4 months :'D
77. What do you want for a present? My boyfriend near me, I just want that t.t (and maybe a ps3 XD)
78. What's the best thing you own? I don't have one
79. What stereotype are you? Nolife, misanthrope, blonde (lol)
80. What's your favourite word? technically (I place it everywhere when I want to explain something)
81. Why? It make the formular more serious
82. Do you have a cell phone? Yeah <3
83. How many contacts do you have? (if you don't have a cell phone put N/A) 36
84. What is your screen saver on your phone of? For the lock screen, Rin Okumura withh Shiemi, for the screen, Rin Okumura
85. What games are on you phone? Pou, Doodle Jump, Uno, Fruits Ninja, Logo Quizz, Boost 2, Subway Surfers
86. Is there something important you should be doing while you're doing this test? Make myslef ready for go on ._.
87. Do you wish this quiz would end? Huh if I don't have to go quickly, I don't X'D
88. Do you have an internet diary? Not really, it's not like that but not far of it
89. Are your nails painted? Nope but they will, with my new varnish **
90. Do you have highlights? ?
91. Smoke? No.
92. Have a disorder? Maybe
93. Have drugs? NEVEEER
94. What did you do yesterday? I spend my time on the computer and the evening, I go out on the beach, and I eat a pancake **
95. Do you think anyone who watches you has read this far? Not really (if yes comment <3)
96. How many people watch you? I dunno !
97. The first person to watch you was : What a greeat questiiiion
98. Second? ...
99. Third? ...
100. Fourth? ?
101. Why are you on deviant art? Because it's a really good site
102. When did you first start? I can't remember, it's my second account
103. What's your personal quote? ...
104. Operating system? ...
105. Hero? My half-sister
106. Favourite cartoon character? Not have one
107. Book character? Not too.
108. Movie character? Oh a lot...
109. Pick up the book next to you, page 26, line 8? ""emmena à la messe, dans des habits propres"
110. What do you do in your spare time? Write, play with my brother...
111. What's your favourite TV show? Nothing
112. I like long quizzes... do you? OF COURSE I DO
113. Best friend/s? Not really...
114. Have you started a deviant art family? No :'D
115. Are you going to? ... I think no
116. Do you even know what that is? Yeah...
117. Has at least one of these questions confused you? no
118. What season is it? Summer
119. What month is it? june
120. What day is it? 14
121. What year is it? 2014
122. What species are you? human (but i DON'T WANT TO)
123. If you were a mythical creature you'd be: a mermaid
124. If you were a drink you'd be: something with sugar
125. If you were an object you'd be: a cellphone or a box
126. If you were a book you'd be: some story with love and drama
127. If you were a movie you'd be: with a good morality
128. Are you bored? so muuuch
129. What was the last thing you celebrated? epiphany
130. What was the last thing you posted on deviant art? a quick drawing
131. Do you do anything for deviant art literature? No, I don't like DeviantArt for the litterature form
132. Are you a llama trader? Yup
133. Llama trade? ...
134. How many points do you have? ...
135. Do you have a donation pool open? Yeah
136. Do you buy your points? no
137. Do you buy art off deviant art? no
138. Do you have a premium membership? noooo t.t
139. Do you have deviant wear? no
140. Are you planning to get a premium membership? I want...
141. Saving up? ...
142. Requests open? Maybe...
143. Art trades? Yes
144. Collabs? Yeah
145. Commissions ? no
146. You you have a skype or IM? Yeah
147. Online names you've used? Sora and derives if it's ever done
148. On your computer what's your user name? My name :'D
149. Are your pillows feather pillows? no
150. Ever had a pillow fight? not really...
151. Are you athletic? Yes
152. Do you do any sports? I'll do some tennis for september
153. Are you allergic to anything? make up and DOP
154. Do you like to try new things? Nope...
155. Are you planning to enter the most recent deviant art competition? no
156. Do you have a guilty pleasure? Perhaps ._.
157. What is it? ...
158. Your favourite computer font is? Helvetica
159. Your favourite word processor? ...
160. Do you wear jewellery? When I can
161. Do you wear make up? never
162. Are you obsessed about what you look like? it depends
163. How many accounts do you have on deviant art? 2 but the other is dead
164. Do you have any posters in your room? yeah (one of Magi and the other of Soul Eater)
165. Do you share your bedroom with anyone? no
166. Do you have your walls wallpapered or painted? no...
167. What colour / pattern are they? blue
168. Name of book next to you? WUT
169. Do you have birthday parties? not really
170. What's something weird about you? oh we'll never finished if you ask it...
171. What are your initials? MB
172. Do you have braces? noooo
173. Skin colour? white (really)
174. Glasses/Contacts? Yeah
175. Tattoos? No one
176. Mannerisms? ...
177. Piercings? no
178. Do you have a birthmark? Nope
179. What's your favourite thing for breakfast? chocolate, (fresh) bread with butter
181. Do you have a crush on someone? .Oh fuck yeah...
182. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Yes ! <3
183. Do you have a secret talent? ... I think not XD
184. Can you sing the alphabet backwards? NOOOO
185. Can you eat a whole pizza? Yes :U
186. Can you speak any different languages? french, english a little spanish
187. Have you won something at the lottery? nothing !
188. Ran away? NEVEEEER
189. Solved a rubix cube? NEVEEER TOOO
190. Gone out in public in your pj's? ...
191. Seen a shooting star? I waaant to
192. Had surgery? No
193. Gotten lost? A little
194. Broken a bone? Yea, when I was young, my arm
195. Been to disney land? Yes
196. Been arrested? No XD
197. Been to any other countries? USA, Germany, Spain...
198. You are annoyed by? People which don't care about the others wich judge them, strong people, which smile everyday, and don't show their sadness... People which is not in this stupid generation.
199. Your are tired of? The distance between him and I
200. You will always? Think too much
201. What country do you live in? France
202. Do you think you are popular? For make sone enemys yes !
203. Are you an only child? I have one brother, one half-sister and one half-brother !
204. Who are you gonna tag? nobody <3
206. How long quiz took you: MAYBE AND HOUR.
  • Mood: Longing
  • Listening to: Chandelier (Sia)
  • Reading: No et Moi
  • Watching: Castlevania Playtrought by Bob Lennon
  • Playing: SSBB
  • Eating: Candies !
  • Drinking: Some water

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